Safe Landing Locations:
Dr. Katherine A. Hensleigh
1 Independence Square
Butler, AL  36904

Grove Hill Memorial Hospital
295 South Jackson Street
Grove Hill, AL  36451

Coffeeville Medical Clinic
21 Long Avenue
Coffeeville, AL  36524

Franklin Primary Health Center
140 Front Street, Suite 4
Gilbertown, AL  36908

Jackson Medical Center
220 Hospital Drive
Jackson, AL  36545

Washington County Hospital
14600 St. Stephens Avenue
Chatom, AL  36518
:: A Secret Safe Place for Newborns ::
Safe for Mothers.  
   Safe for Newborns.  
  • No identification of mother
  • No prosecution of mother for abandonment
  • Time to change your mind about giving up newborn
  • Healthcare for your newborn
  • Foster home/adoption for your newborn
  • Counseling, healthcare, other programs offered to       

Newborns must be brought, unharmed, to any local hospital
emergency room or designated medical facility within 72 hours of
birth for mothers to receive these promises.  However, we make one
final promise:
If we conclude that the newborn has been harmed in any purposeful
way, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
Donations can be mailed to:
A Secret Safe Place For Newborns
Post Office Box 850
Grove Hill, AL  36451
Board Members
Libbi L. Miles

Lisa C. Beech

Board Members:
Avary Bonner
Naomi Black
Tami Dixon
Hattie Thomas
Dr. Barbara Waite
Sandra Williams
Brenda Pate
Marlette Kiser

Amy S. Duke
A Secret Safe Place for Newborns is a
501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation.
All donations are tax deductible.
District Attorney - First Judicial Circuit
Secret Safe Place for Newborns
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