:: Restitution Recovery ::
District Attorney - First Judicial Circuit
Restitution Recovery

The Cost Recovery Unit is responsible for collecting old court costs and
restitution. Many victims’ lose valuable items in crime and it is our job to collect
After contacting the defendants by letter, they are given an opportunity to pay
the old debts in monthly payments. Some choose NOT to make it that easy and
we are forced to bring them back to court. The money collected helps the
county, the victims of the crime and to keep the District Attorney’s office
functioning.  The Restitution Recovery program was started in 2001 and since
that time, we have returned $238,956.33 to our victims in the 1st Judicial

Clarke County                         $131,843.23
Choctaw County                      $    7,440.85
Washington County                 $  99,672.25
Total restitution:                      $238,956.33
Clarke, Choctaw and
Washington Counties
Wanda Lear
(251) 275-3144