Children's Advocacy Center

Every year, thousands of innocent
children are victims of sexual and
severe physical abuse in Alabama.
How adults handle investigations and
how plans are made to protect
children will affect the degree of
additional trauma they experience.
Children who are experiencing abuse
often feel afraid, guilty, unworthy and
alone. If they have been threatened,
some children believe they themselves
will be jailed for “allowing” the abuse.
They may fear loss of parental love or
feel guilty if a parent faces legal
consequences. No matter how heinous
the abuse, most children have an
intense fear of being taken from family
and placed in foster care.

It has been estimated that one child
may be required to tell the abuse story
fifteen times to various professionals
involved in the case. With each telling
the child is re-victimized emotionally.
With multiple interviews, serious
damage is done in collecting reliable
information usable in court
proceedings and this is especially true
if persons talking with the child are
not skilled in forensic interviewing. It
is no wonder that some children
recant their statements just to make it
all go away thus placing the child at
increased risk for re-abuse.

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:: Child Support Services ::
District Attorney - First Judicial Circuit
Child Support Services

Cassandra S. Martin
Clarke County

Lisa  C. Beech
(251) 847-2070
Washington and Choctaw Co.
The following table represents circuit-wide collections for Clarke, Choctaw,
and Washington Counties (fiscal year 2009):
County Name
The Child Support Enforcement (CSE or IV-D) Division is a joint
Federal/State effort to help families establish paternity (when necessary),
obtain orders for payment of child support, and secure compliance with
child support court orders.

For further questions, call your local DHR office:

Clarke                (251) 275-7001
Choctaw             (205) 459-9701
Washington        (251) 847-6100